Patrick Sweeney-45

I am a dude that does.

Thank you to all my supporters that help facilitate my adventures and fuel my dreams.

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Luna Sandals

I run for Luna sandal Over the last 5 years I have won over 40 races either in them or barefoot with distances  including 1 mile, 5 km, 10 km, 1/2 marathon, 50 km, 100 km and 24 hours.

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Stone Brewing Company

I also run for the greatest craft Brewery in the world.  If you like high ABV in your face hoppy IPA’s you will you love Stone Ale.


Trail Racing Over Texas

Although I am not from Texas I did spend almost a month running across the state earlier this year and I am proud to represent the Trail Racing Over Texas.


The 100 Mile Club

1 out of every  6 kids in the USA is Obese and I was one of those kids. The 100 Mile Club combats this epidemic one kid, one school, one community at a time by encouraging and empowering kids to run 100 miles during a school year.  It is a cause I am proud to champion for


Nathan Sports


Bearded Brothers




Sport Kilt


Feetures  Running Socks


Aravaipa Running

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Run Steep Get High




Dirtbag Runners


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